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Check Out This Great Paying Teen Part-Time Job!

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

Hiya Teens!

Are you heading back to school soon?  Do you want a high-paying part-time job to earn some extra cash?

If you are a good student in math or any subject for that matter…

becoming a tutor is an excellent way to earn a LOT of extra spending money.  Not to mention you’ll keep your own skills sharp and be highly rewarded (and paid!) to help others.

Here are some tips to get started right away:

1)  Experience Counts!  Volunteer to participate in peer-to-peer tutoring workshops organized by your school. This will add vital experience to your resume and demonstrate your commitment to helping others. You could also offer to volunteer at local grade schools or even the public library.

2)  Get references and testimonials from teachers, parents, and kids or teens you have tutored on your own. Make sure you include this on your resume instead of waiting until you’re asked for it. 

3)  Write a Resume!  You want to appear professional and serious about becoming a tutor.  Emphasize the academic success you’ve had in the subject area in which you want to tutor others. Go into detail regarding the grades you’ve achieved and be sure to list any awards and honors you’ve won. Also, make sure to highlight any relevant tutoring experience you have.

4)  Marketing is KEY!  Be innovative in getting your own tutoring business up and running. Advertise on Craig’s List, Post notices on school, YMCA, and library bulletin boards, start an online tutoring blog, and by word of mouth.  Offer to tutor in their home, at the library, or even online.  Set your rates significantly lower than those of professional tutoring companies to give yourself a competitive advantage.

5)  Appply Apply!  Look for a tutoring job on a site dedicated to teens, such as GrooveJob or Snag-a-Job.  Jobs on this site are categorized by state.

Happy tutoring!