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9 Best Summer Jobs for 13 Year Olds

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

Hiya Teens!

Summer is here! So how are you going to make some extra cash now that you have more free time? Check out these quick jobs for 13 year olds to make money online in your spare time….

Here are 9 best summer jobs for 13 year Olds:

1) 1. Mother’s helper: Being a mother’s helper is good for those who like to help with family chores, housekeeping and/or babysitting.

Working Mom’s may have a hard time deciding what to do with their “tween” who considers themselves too old for a sitter. You can be the older friend to the tween and if you charge less than professional sitters, you could make a new friend and get paid for it.

You might offer light housekeeping duties, in the way of washing dishes, sweeping up and earn more.

• Start asking family members and friends first. Ask your teachers, guidance counselor, church minister for referrals. Check local newspapers too.

2) Lawn care: Most people are tired out on weekends and the last thing they want to do is mow their own lawns. Make up your own business cards using the computer and deliver them around to as many places within your neighborhood that you can reasonably take on.

Lawn services include mowing, weeding, raking and watering flowers is a great way to earn some money.

• If you can use your family lawn mower and tools, and deduct the cost of gas, you are in business!

3) Pet services: Most working families need someone to walk and groom their dog. It is expensive to place them in doggy daycare.

Find out how much doggy daycare services cost in your area. Then talk to pet owners informing them how they could save money by letting you take over.

The pet would not have to be transported every day, freeing up the owner’s time, and Fido could stay in his own home.

• ask to place your business cards or a flyer at veterinarian offices, pet shelters and pet stores.

4) Growing a garden: If you have a backyard with enough room, you can plant a garden.

Of course, you do not get rewarded until harvest time. However, selling fresh vegetables and delivering them to neighbors will pay enough to compensate you for your work.

All you need is seeds, water, fertilizer and a willingness to look after it.

• Never gardened before? Go online and do a search and/or talk to your local garden/nursery center folks.

Keep an eye on what the supermarkets are charging for their vegetables and undercut the price just a little.

Plus, you should charge a small delivery fee to make even more profits! Not to mention be convenient for your customer.

5) Tutoring: Are you good at any particular school subjects? Why not put that skill to work for you. Advertise for grammar school kids who need extra lessons in the summer to help get them ready for high school.

• Place an ad in a school paper, if allowed. Create flyers with full information. Ask friends for referrals.

Set a reasonable price per hour and make sure to keep track of how many hours you put in. Word gets around fast. If you make progress with a student, the parents may recommend you for further work.

6) Car wash: Visit a few car wash centers and find out how much they charge for their services.

You can tell potential clients you will do just as great a job of cleaning their car, (inside and out, if they wish) and keep your price a little lower. You do not need to invest much to get started.

• Once you have clients, go to a few hardware stores, or even a Walmart and get car cleaning items. Compare prices.

7) Yard sale: This job could be very interesting. First (with parental permission) hold your own yard sale.

Go through your house and garage for items no one no longer wants or uses and set up your own yard sale.

Afterwards, go through your neighborhood offering to sit and sell items the householder no longer wants. Split the profit. You can arrange the set up.

• This may work out better for older neighbors who can’t do as much as they would like to. You can do the lifting etc.

8) Saturday movies: Do you have a lot of movies? Get permission from your parents to turn your living room into a movie theatre on Saturday afternoons.

Be responsible for all clean up. Charge less than a fee the theatre charges, make and sell popcorn, cookies and lemonade and this could turn into a weekly event.

• Only invite 4 or 5 kids at a time, and offer to pick up and bring home younger ones. Have an age limit. Only those old enough to enjoy the movie should be invited.

9) Senior services: Many senior citizens can not do as much for themselves as they would like. Here they made need odd little jobs done, or running errands or windows need washing.

You could even offer to grocery shop for a negotiated price. They may want their pet walked, car cleaned too. Price by the job.

• Almost every town and city has a senior citizen’s group where they socialize. Visit the center and talk to them. Usually they are friendly and could use a little help around their homes.

Have fun and start making some cash with these best summer jobs for 13 year olds!